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Best Nature For Lucario

Evolve that riolu as well. Lucario related articles.

Pokemon Sword And Shield How To Get Lucario Attack Of The Fanboy

Modest gives it more offensive power whilst timid sets it just above the opponents who linger in the base speed 100 category.

Best nature for lucario. Calm mind sweeper aura sphere dark pulse calm mind substitute dragon pulse hidden power ice psychic. It depends on what type of set you re running since lucario can be specially and physically offensive. An adamant nature can be a nice option if lucario is used on sticky web teams as it outspeeds every grounded foe in the tier if sticky web is up and an adamant nature enables it to ohko zygarde pre transformation at 2 with close combat and potentially 2hko giratina o with meteor mash.

Due to lucario s not so stellar defensive stats i d go for one of the natures i mentioned. Adamant gets important ohkos against bronzong and skarmory but a jolly nature allows lucario to outspeed jolly gyarados timid suicune and timid rotom a. Build for ranked battle.

Put 252 evs in speed and attack. Having a pokemon on your team that attracts pursuit is very useful as this is one of the easiest ways for lucario to set up a swords dance. It s best paired with a pokemon like whimsicott that knows beat up to give lucario 4 atk.

Lucario does have the better typing and i personally prefer it to gallade do you have a spare ha lucario for trade. This is a strategy guide for using lucario in competitive play for the games pokemon sword and shield. Adamant or jolly depending on whether you want to boost attack or speed respectively.

Feed it 10 dynamax candies to max out its dynamax level. Read on for tips on the best nature ev spreads movesets builds and held items to use with lucario as well as its strengths and weak points. Evolve it into lucario by raising up friendship during the day.

Level it up to a lucario and breed until you get a riolu with a jolly nature. Lucario is faster but has worse defenses than gallade. Just like the physical equivalent lucario has two nature choices.

You really should use a nature that boosts one of lucario s offensive stats while lowering one that he wouldn t use. I use a physical set jolly nature. Personally i d try to get a neutral nature or one that raises one attack stat over the other adamant for attack modest for special attack or one that raises the speed stat over one of the attack stats timid lowers attack jolly lowers special attack.

Hatch eggs until you get a high iv riolu.

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