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How To Block Ebay Buyers With Zero Feedback

You have no way of blocking bidders based on low feedback scores. I have never had a single problem from a zero or very low feedback buyer here ever.

How To Block Someone On Ebay With Pictures Wikihow

Zero feedback buyer but payed immediately.

How to block ebay buyers with zero feedback. It s easy to block 0 fb members quit selling. Hello you can t block 0 feedback buyers. I had this auction set to block zero feedback users no you didn t since that s not possible.

Opens in new window or tab. You may block anyone with less than 0 negative 1 or below feedback score but since buyers haven t been able to receive less than glowing positives for many years now that is a vestigial function. I ve always known that you should be wary of 0 feedback buyers and sellers but up until this experience i don t think i d ever had a 0 feedback buyer win one of my.

Can you block buyers with 0 feedback. You can block members with a negative feedback score and those without a credit card on file with the option of specifically those members with a fb score of 5 or lower. Ebay does not offer that as an option and it is extremely unlikely it ever will.

Go to the block bidders or buyers from your listings. In the last 2 months i have had two auctions where buyers with feedback less than 3 have won and never responded to two large auctions. They can t then buy from you until you remove them from the list.

The reason is everyone starts out with 0 most buyers with 0 feedback are great customers. Enter their username in the text box you can add up to 5 000 usernames. Scams will sometimes occur with zero feedback buyers who forge ebay or paypal messages saying it is ok to ship.

It is the ones with leave mostly negative feedback are usually going to be a problem. To stop a particular member from being able to bid on or buy your items. In reply to darth sommer13 sep 13 2017 12 31 36 am.

To me this is a major problem with ebay. Recently though i sold an item on ebay to a buyer with 0 feedback and i just wanted to share a little bit about the experience as it turned out to be a bit of a nightmare. Ebay wants more buyers not less so they will never allow that block.

In reply to takikawa4 apr 27 2016 5 49 30 am. As advised you cannot block zero feedback members otherwise there would be no point in ebay advertising for new buyers would there. As a seller i should be able to limit my audience to experienced ebay buyers.

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