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Leo Sun Sagittarius Moon

And they are fascinated about everything. The leo sun sagittarius moon person is also competitive and may have an egotistical streak with a desire to be the best within their realm expertise.

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Sagittarius sun leo moon people are kind sincere and friendly.

Leo sun sagittarius moon. Leo sun sagittarius moon you are daring courageous adventurous dashing. You are continuously looking for another mountain to climb or stone to turn and life seems a never ending chain of games to win and adventures to explore. They have a lust for life and a noble spirit that is expansive and optimistic in outlook.

He does not have the problem of socialising with different people profiles although this is a combination the sun in sagittarius and the moon in the leo sign of strong individualists people who do not want to give up his independence in communities. They combine the archer s boldness positivity enthusiasm and straightforwardness with the leo s confidence leadership qualities and giving nature. Sagittarius sun leo moon as a friend he is the one that proves to be an amazing friend who is always present when something is happening.

Sagittarius moon admires and encourages leo moon s boldness and ability to draw people in. Because they are always looking to change and explore new territories they will not have enough time to reach to conclusions very often. Charming and easygoing the sagittarius sun leo moon personality takes from the boldness of the former and the straightforwardness of the latter.

We openly show the traits of our sun sign to the world but we tend to keep the traits of our moon sign private or share them only with a small circle of friends and close family members. Sagittarius moon and leo moon see each other as kindred spirits two lit candles in a world full of snuffers. You were undoubtedly a precocious child and you always seem to be a couple of jumps ahead of yourself emotionally and maybe also geographically.

Leo sun sagittarius moon individuals are more people of action than of introspection. Leo moon loves how sagittarius moon can simply adapt to the circumstances and make friends easily. They have similar senses of humor.

Sun in sagittarius moon in leo the combination of sagittarius sun and leo moon signs produces a very warm hearted honest and open personality. Leo sun sagittarius moon personality compatibility the sun represents our outer personality and our rational behavior. Your vitality and pace take the world by storm.

The pairing blends the personal dash optimism enthusiasm and directness of sagittarius with the warmth generosity pride and authoritativeness of leo. Sagittarius sun leo moon. Sun in leo moon in sagittarius the combination of sun in leo and moon in sagittarius produces a constant passion for travel adventure change and excitement.

They pride themselves on their capabilities and knowledge and they desire to use that to help inspire and educate others. They are proud generous and friendly with an abundance of vitality and charisma. Energetic yet dignified the sagittarius sun leo moon man or woman is a force of nature who cannot be contained.

The moon is our inner being and our subconscious.

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